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  • When Doors Open
    When a door opens, walk through it. Trust that the door has opened for a reason and you have been guided to it. Sometimes we have a tendency to overanalyze Read more
  • Creating Space in the Body
    As we move deeper into meditation, the state of our mind expands; thus, allowing us to create more space within our body. Our minds and bodies are interconnected, and the condition Read more
  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
    There is nobody else like you in the world and this is worth celebrating, rather than searching for faults.There is nobody else like you in the world and this is Read more
  • Children and Chiropractic
    Chiropractic care for children is safe, gentle, and effective. From the birth process onward, our spines and nervous systems are subjected to a multitude of forces that can misalign (subluxate) Read more
  • Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome
    Adrenal fatigue is characterized by many life-altering symptoms and is caused by overworked adrenal glands. The adrenal glands release around 50 hormones and sit on top of the kidneys and Read more
    As spiritual beings having human experiences, we are on an important mission to learn and grow here on earth.Most of us are familiar with the idea that we are not Read more
  • Sciatica
    WHAT TO DO ABOUT SCIATICA?Are you tired of dealing with that annoying (sometimes brutal) low back pain that can send numbness and tingling into your legs?Are you tired of not being Read more
  • Eliminate Back Pain with Omega 3 Rich Fish
    Eliminate Back Pain, Neck Pain, Achy Joints by eating fish low in mercury and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. In a healthy back, blood vessels at the edge of spinal disks Read more
  • Make Change Work for You
    When we experience change in our life, we can controlour response and reaction to the changes that are happening.Transformation is a universal constant that affects our lives from the moment Read more
  • How Floatation Therapy Can Boost Benefits from Chiropractic Treatment
    Flotation therapy can have extremely beneficial effects on your muscles and joints, and it pairs even more successfully with ongoing chiropractic treatment. Many people find that they get better physical Read more
  • You Too Can Benefit From Cupping
    There was certainly a lot of hubbub about cupping during the Olympics thanks to swimmer Michael Phelps and those purple marks on his back and shoulders...what could this be? It’s Read more
  • The Magical Chiropractic Adjustment
    What is the purpose of a chiropractic adjustment? There is more to an adjustment than moving a bone or realigning the spine. The intent of the Wellness Chiropractic adjustment is Read more
  • How I Adjust
    If you have spent any time in the office at all, you realize that I do not adjust you the same way every time you come to the office. You Read more
  • What is Holistic Nutrition?
    In a nutshell – Holistic Nutrition is the use of everyday nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle choices to improve one’s health.  Seems simple, right?The issue is, mainstream medicine can sometimes Read more
  • The Freezer
    Imagine a freezer full of meat.Now imagine if the plug was accidentally pulled from the outlet. The freezer would now have no power and the meat would begin to defrost. Read more